The ability to collaborate is a key skill to have in today's workforce. Being able to work with others towards a singular goal not only represents one's willingness to work with others, but it can also gauge how accountable they are. Within the music industry, Ethan has been able to collaborate with many different people with many different skill sets. He has collaborated and made songs with electronic artists like Ghost Data (featured in the picture to the left) and has upcoming collaborations with platinum-selling rapper T-Wayne. Both very different artists with very different skill sets.


Being an electronic music artist is more than just pressing buttons and putting your hands up. As an artist, you are a business first and foremost and because of this, Ethan has learned skills varying from communication skills (like customer service or negotiating), to technical skills like learning new software programs to make both audio and video. This also leads to the ability to work under a strict deadline under a lot of pressure. For preparation for one show he has to both find and make new music, organize said music, coordinate with the promotion and the venue on when to arrive at the show and much much more before he can even step foot on a stage. Sometimes problems arise like software crashing or equipment malfunctioning but despite these things staying calm as never failed and has aided in solving these problems.


Ever since Ethan has entered the local Electronic Music scene in Houston, every person has felt an overwhelming sense of positivity and optimism around him. Always being open-minded and respectful of other people's viewpoints on subjects (and music tastes) has spawned the meme of "Wholesome Boy Ethan" within multiple friend groups in the electronic music scene. This helps not only the local side of electronic music grow but the international community as well with all the international acts that have come into contact with him. 

Critical Problem Solving

It is inevitable that problems will arise in any area of work.  Back in the early days of his Dj career, he was djing a youth dance for his church, which had 200+ people in attendance. During the dance, a power surge swept throughout the building knocking out not only a subwoofer speaker but also his controller (the heart of the Dj set up at the time. Right away he sprang into action using the backup mixer to provide music for the dance-hungry crowd and improvised a makeshift controller set up. No one but him and his parents knew a problem even happened 


Playing to a crowd of 1,000 people does not just happen by sheer luck, it takes communication. In order for an EDM show to happen you need a few things, the most important is people. How do you get people to come out to shows? By getting the word out any way you can. Pictures and videos are shared by a team targeted groups of people that might be interested in the event we are throwing. They are found via social media apps or word of mouth. Traditionally the more media you have the more the engagement (if it is all cohesive). After that, you need to communicate with the venue about what kind of show it is and how the night will go (who will play at what time, what kind of music will be played etc.).